The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Grumbling loudly the tired servants took spades from out their bags and began to dig a big pit. When it was finished they were certainly very warm. Shrimpy was busy whilst they were digging. He was unpacking the trunk.
Inside there were a great many coats, all made very large indeed to fit Tig, who really was an enormous brownie. Shrimpy got each one out, and felt his way to young trees that stood here and there in the wood. He care­fully put a coat round each slender tree, but did not button it up.
" Is the pit finished? " he asked at last. " Good! Now, I have taken the coats out and got them ready for you to put on. You had better put them on back to front and then the cold wind will not blow down your chests. You can have your backs against a tree."
He took the first browme and led him to a tree round which he had put one of Tig's big coats. He made the servant slip his arms into the sleeves back to front—and then, very quickly, Shrimpy buttoned the coat up tightly down the back—round the tree-trunk! And there was the ser­vant buttoned to the tree so that he couldn't possibly get away, for he could not reach to undo the buttons!
One by one Shrimpy buttoned up the tired brownies.
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