The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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O nce upon a time there were some naughty little goblins. They were always on the look-out for anything they could take home to use for themselves—buns off a window-sill, left there to cool, somebody's washing left on the line at night, a parcel dropped off a van. Ah, they were wicked little creatures, there was no doubt about that!
But one day they got hold of something that taught them a lesson! Just listen.
They were walking home one night when they came to the shed belonging to three boys—Tom, John, and Peter. It was their play-shed, and in it they kept their tools, their barrows, and other odds and ends. And, as Guy Fawkes' Day was coming, they kept their fire­works there as well.
They had a fine lot of fireworks! They had been saving their money for weeks, and as they bought their fireworks they put them into a big bag. There it was, hanging on a nail, getting nice and full. "There are rockets!" said Tom.
"And Catherine-wheels!'' said John.
" And Golden Rain, and Roman Candles, and jumping squibs, and whizz-bangs!" said Peter. " Oooh! What a time we'll have!"
Well, so they would have had a grand time, if those naughty gob­lins hadn't come walking by and poked their noses into the shed!
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