The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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One of them, Snooky, saw the bag hanging up on a nail, and he ran to get it.
"It may be full of gold! "he whispered to the others. They set off down the road in glee. But they didn't notice that the bag had a hole in the bottom, and out of that hole dropped some of the smallest fireworks!
It was the hole in the bag that Emptied all the fireworks onto the flames, helped Tom, Peter and John to
follow the little thieves. They arrived at the shed one evening after tea just after the goblins had gone—and found their bag of fireworks stolen! Oh dear!
" Who's taken it! " cried Tom angrily. He went to the door and looked about. The moon was up but he could see nobody about the roads.
" Look! " said John suddenly, pointing to a little squib lying in the road. " Whoever took the bag went that way, for there's a squib that must have fallen out of it! "
" Yes—the bag had a hole in it! " cried Peter. " Let's see if any more fireworks are down the road."
They went down the moonlit road—and, sure enough, here and there they found a firework that had shpped out of the hole in the bag. Then they came to a very muddy bit of lane, and the three boys stood there looking puzzled, for the footprints in the mud were not at all like theirs!
" These footmarks are of queer little pointed feet! " said Peter. :i I believe it's goblins or brownies who have taken our fireworks! "
" Come on, after them then! " cried the others; so on they went at top speed, keeping a good look-out for the fallen fireworks.
Well, very soon the goblins heard the three boys coming after them. They looked round in alarm. The boys seemed very big indeed to the tiny creatures, and the goblins were frightened.
" Hi, stop, you little robbers! " cried Tom, in a loud and angry voice.
" What shall we do—what shall we do? " said the goblins to one another. " They will catch us with the bag if we go on."
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