The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Look, there's a bonfire over there! Let's empty the bag on to it, and let everything burn to bits," said Snooky. " Then the boys won't be able to find out that we've taken it! "
So the silly little creatures ran to the bonfire, and emptied all the fire­works on to the flames. They stuffed the bag deep into the heart of the bonfire and it began to burn away.
The three boys ran up angrily. " Where's our bag of fireworks? " cried John.
" Yes, what have you done with it? " cried Peter.
" What bag? What fireworks? " asked the goblins pretending to be very much astonished. " We don't know anything about fireworks? "
But they soon did—for the fire got hold of those fireworks one by one, and exploded them with loud pops and bangs!
" BANG! " said a rocket, and flew up into the air with a whizz! It exploded into red and green stars, and the gobHns shrieked in fright.
" What is it? Oh, what is it? "
The boys began to laugh. " You silly gobHns, you've thrown the fireworks on to the fire—they'll all explode! You'd better look out! "
The gobHns clung together, hardly daring to move. A jumping squib went off with a bang and sprang right out of the fire! Whizz!
" OW! " yelled Snooky, for it landed on his toe. " Get away! " The squib jumped to the next gobHn, and then to the next. How those gobHns howled! They had never in their Hves seen fireworks before and they didn't at aU know what they were. The three boys laughed till the tears ran down their cheeks.
The boys began to laugh.
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