The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" BANG! " A whizz-bang went off with a loud clap, and the goblins jumped high into the air. Then a Catherine-wheel got alight, jumped out of the fire, and tried to whizz round on Snooky's foot. Oh dear! oh dear! Snooky ran to the other side of the bonfire. But here a rocket was waiting for him and shot out. It caught hold of Snooky and took him up into the air!
" Let me go! let me go!" yelled Snooky, holding on for all he was worth. A shower of bright stars shot out round him, and then the empty rocket-case fell to the ground again, taking Snooky with it. Bump!
" Ooooooh! " said Snooky, when he got his breath back. " Oooooh! What was that? "
But before anyone could tell him it was a rocket, six fireworks went off together in the bonfire and a shower of stars shot out everywhere. Then a whole bundle of jumping squibs went off at once, and leapt out of the fire in a hurry. They jumped right into the middle of the goblins and chased them all about the field, hopping now here and now there! The three boys laughed till they could laugh no more.
" This is a good punishment for you! " shouted Tom. The goblins heard his voice, and, feeling far more frightened of the fireworks than they were of the boys, they ran to Tom, Peter and John, and knelt down before them.
" Tell these things to stop! " wept Snooky. " I don't like all these bangs and pops and jumps and sparks! "
" BANG! BANG! " went another rocket and shot by Snooky's head, taking his topknot off as it flew.
" Come with us," said the boys to the little goblins, and they picked them all up and carried them back to the dark shed, far away from the bang­ing fireworks in the bonfire. Tom lighted a candle and the three boys looked sternly at the trembling goblins.
" You are bad little scamps," said Peter. " Fve no doubt you have
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