The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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many a time stolen other things, as well as our fireworks. Well, you had a good punishment this time! "
" And we would just like to know what you are going to do about giving us back fireworks in place of those you have taken! " said Tom.
" You deserve to be popped in the middle of all those fireworks going off now," said John—and the goblins trembled as they heard the bang-pop-bang-pop of the fireworks still going off in the bonfire.
" Please forgive us and we will try to earn some money for you to buy more fireworks," said Snooky in a small voice.
" Well, come back here to-morrow night, without fail," said Tom.
" We promise to, on our honour as goblins," said every goblin at once. Then they ran off.
Well, my goodness me, how hard those goblins worked all through that night and the next day! They ran errands for witches, they minded baby fairies for the elves, they held the rabbits still whilst they were being harnessed to the pixie carriages, and they helped a wizard to make a power­ful spell that smelt so bad that the goblins felt really ill! And for all their hard work they were paid four pieces of silver.
They gave these to the three boys the next night, and Tom, John, and Peter were very pleased. " Now we shall be able to buy even more fire­works than before! " cried Tom.
And so they did, and had a wonderful time on Firework Night. But the goblins were nowhere to be seen. No—they were not going to be caught anywhere near fireworks again!
' We won't steal anything any more," said Snooky. " We've learnt our lesson! We really, really have! "
How hard those
goblins worked.
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