The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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B etty and Robin were going over Breezy Hill for a walk when they saw a narrow path that they had never seen before.
" Hallo! " said Robin, in surprise. " Where does that path go to? I've never been along it."
" Perhaps it's just a rabbit-path," said Betty. " There are lots of rabbits on Breezy Hill."
" No, it isn't a rabbit-path," said Robin. " It's too wide for that. Let's go down it and see where it leads to, shall we, Betty? "
So off they went down the funny little green path, and that was the beginning of their strange adventures!
When they had gone some way they came to what looked like a tiny village—just three or four cottages set closely on the hillside with two little shops in the middle. One of these was a sweet-shop.
It was a funny little shop with a small window of thick glass, and behind the panes were tall, thin bottles of brightly-coloured sweets.
" A sweet-shop," said Betty, surprised. " I didn't know there was one on this hill, did you, Robin? "
" No," said Robin, puzzled. " It's a funny place, Betty. There doesn't seem to be anybody about—and yet I feel as if people are peeping at us from behind curtains. But whenever I look, there's nobody! "
Betty looked all round. There was nobody anywhere. The doors of the cottages were shut, and not a sound was to be heard. It was a strange little place.
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