The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Betty pressed her nose to the sweet-shop window and looked at the bottles of sweets- She began to read the labels on them. Then she cried out in surprise.
" Robin! These are very queer sweets! Just read what they are! " Robin looked at the labels, and certainly the names of the sweets in that sweet-shop were very strange. A bottle of blue sweets was labelled Giant-sweets, and a botde of pink ones was called Dwarf-sweets. Another bottle had the label Invisible-sweets.
" You know, this must be a magic shop," said Betty, excited. " Let's go in and buy some of the sweets! I've got a penny and so have you."
So they pushed open the door, which had a little tinkling bell, and went inside the dark shop. At first they thought there was nobody there, and then they saw behind the counter a small nobbly-looking man with a pair of large spectacles on his long nose. He had a strange tuft of hair growing straight up from his head and two long, pointed ears. He was sitting by himself reading a brightly coloured newspaper.
When the bell rang he looked up. He didn't seem at all surprised to see the children.
" What do you want this morning? " he asked, folding up his news­paper neatly.
" Could we have a pennyworth of mixed sweets each? " asked Robin, eagerly. " They look such funny sweets."
' There's nothing funny about them at all," said the shopman, twitching his pointed cars like a dog. " They're quite ordinary."
He took five bottles from the window and emptied some sweets into his scales. Betty looked at the labels on the bottles so that she would know which of the sweets were which. She saw that a Giant-sweet, a Dwarf-sweet, an Invisible-sweet, and two others, one a Spiky-sweet and the other a Home-again-sweet, were put into the scales. She felt very much excited.
Each of them was handed a bag of these sweets by the shopman. He took their pennies and put them into a tin box. Then he picked up his newspaper and began to read it again.
" Shut the door when you go out," he said.
They ran out and shut the door carefully behind them. Then they stopped outside to look at their very strange sweets. They didn't like to eat them in case anything queer happened to them.
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