The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He landed with a bump by Betty and he was cross.
The little round man went quite purple with rage. He took a trumpet from his pocket and blew loudly on it. " Tan-tara! Tan-tara! "
At once a whole crowd of the funny-looking people came running up and took hold of Betty and Robin.
" Take them to prison! " shouted the man whose motor-car had exploded. " Give them nothing but bread and water for sixty days! "
Robin was very angry but he could do nothing against so many, and he and Betty were marched off to a big yellow building and locked up in a tiny cell together. Robin banged on the door but it was no use. It was locked and bolted on the outside.
" Look here, Betty! " said Robin, suddenly. ' Let's eat one of these sweets each. Perhaps something will happen to help us then! '
So they each picked from their bags a blue sweet and put it into their mouths. And before they had half-eaten them a very curious thing hap­pened ! They began to grow taller. Yes, and fatter, too! In fact they were soon giant-like, and their heads touched the cell ceiling.
" I say! Those must have been the sweets out of the Giant-sweet
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