The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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bottle! " said Robin, in excitement. He kicked at the cell-door and it nearly broke, for his feet were now very big.
" Stop that! " cried an angry voice outside. " If you kick your door again, prisoners, I shall come in and smack you both! "
" Ho! " said Robin, pleased. " I shall certainly kick it again! Then when it's opened, Betty, we'll walk out and give everyone a shock! "
" Bang, bang, bang! " he kicked the door hard again. At once it was unbolted and unlocked and a very angry keeper came in. But when he saw Betty and Robin both as tall as the ceiling, nearly filling up the whole cell, his red face turned pale and he fled for his life!
" Now we'll go out," said Robin, and he and Betty somehow managed to squeeze themselves out of the door! They walked out of the prison, seeing everyone run in fear before them. How they laughed to see the astonishment on the red faces of the townsfolk, who now looked very small indeed to the children.
They went down the street, frightening everyone they met, and soon came to cross-roads. There was a signpost there, and on one arm was printed " To Giantland."
" Goodness! " said Betty. " How exciting! We are giants now, Robin, so do let's take this road to Giantland. It would be fun to see some giants."
So they took the road to Giantland, feeling more and more excited. After half-an-hour's walk they came to some enormous trees and knew that they were coming near to Giantland. They were soon there after that óbut dear me, the giants were far bigger than the children had guessed they would be! Although Robin and Betty were much bigger than they were usually, they were still very small compared with the giants!
A very large giant with eyes like dinner-plates saw them first. He gaped at them in surprise and then called to his friends, in a voice like thunder.
In a trice the children were surrounded by a dozen enormous giants. They didn't like it at all. One of the giants poked his finger into Robin's chest.
" He's real," he said, in a booming voice. " He's not a doll."
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