The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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So they each took a yellow sweet and ate it. Then they looked at one another in surprise—for at once dozens of spikes and prickles grew out all over them! They were as prickly as thistles and holly leaves! The cows soon left them alone then, and went off to another part of the field in disgust.
Betty and Robin ran down a very big rabbit-hole, and frightened a family of rabbits very much indeed as they went. They ran on until they came to where the hole led up to the open air again and then out they rushed into the sun­shine.
They were on a green hillside,
Oh," said Betty. "Look at that notice."
and nearby was a notice which said: " Broomstick Hill. Trespassers
will be turned into Snails." "Ooh! " said Betty, alarmed. " Look at that notice! " But they hardly had time to read the notice again before there came a whirring in the air, and to the children's enormous surprise about a hundred witches came flying through the sky on long broom-sticks, dark­ening the sunshine as they gathered together Hke black clouds. Then down to the green hillside they flew together.
And, of course, the very first thing their sharp eyes saw was Betty, her black hair flying in the wind, and her prickles all round her! Robin had hidden behind a bush, but Betty was so surprised to see the witches that she hadn't even thought of hiding!
Just as the witches came rushing over towards them Robin pulled Betty down beside him. " Get out your sweet-bag and eat a sweet! " he whispered. " We've got two left. Eat the purple one and we'll see what happens! "
" Where are those trespassing children! " cried the witches. " We
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