The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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will turn them into snails! How dare they come to our hillside and listen to all we say! "
Betty and Robin popped their purple sweets hurriedly into their mouths. They looked at one another—and to their great astonishment they couldn't see each other. At first they didn't know what had happened, and then they guessed—the sweets had made them invisible!
Betty put out her hand and tried to find Robin. She felt him and took his hand in hers. He was rather prickly but she didn't mind. She dragged him down the hillside and then looked back at the witches. They were hunting in astonishment all around the bush where they had seen Betty.
" There is no one here! " they cried. " Where have they gone? "
By this time Betty and Robin were at the bottom of the hill. They could not see one another but they held hands very firmly in case they lost each other.
" I'm tired of this adventure," said Betty, at last. " Are you, Robin? We always seem to be chased by something—giants, or cows, or witches. Goodness knows what it will be next time! Let's go home."
" But we don't know the way," said Robin, looking all round. " I'm hungry and I'd love to go home. I wish I did know the way! "
" Let's eat the last sweet and see what happens," said Betty, feeling for her sweet bag. " We've eaten all but the Home-again sweets, and maybe they will take us home! "
So they put a red sweet into their mouths. Before they had finished eating it they could see one another—and all their prickles had gone! They were so pleased, for they were both tired of being so very prickly! They waited to see what else would happen. Would a big wind come and take them home? Or would their legs walk them safely back? What would happen?
Nothing happened at all. They just sat there at the bottom of the hill and waited in the sunshine. But still nothing happened. It was very queer. Wouldn't the Home-again sweets take them back home? If not, how could they get home? They were quite sure they would never be able to find their way!
And then Betty began to look around her. She saw a big birch tree that she seemed to know. She noticed a house not far off. She heard a milk-cart clattering along a road a little distance away—and she suddenly jumped up with a cry of delight.
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