The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Robin! We are home! This is the hill just outside our own garden! That's our house over there! There's the milkman's cart, look! Why we're home and didn't know it! However could we have got here! I'm sure the hill outside our garden isn't really a witch's hill."
They were most astonished, but it was quite true—they were home again, for they were just outside their garden, and they could even hear their gardener whistling a tune to himself as he hoed the garden beds!
" Well, how surprising!" said Robin, standing up. " We're safely back after a lot of queer adventures. Let's go and tell mother. Perhaps she'll come with us and see that funny magic sweet-shop."
Off they went, and that evening they took their mother up the hill­side to find the sweet-shop. They followed the little path—but alas, it did not lead to any sweet-shop; only to a great many rabbit-holes!
" It's just a rabbit-path! " said mother. " You must have dreamed it all, my dears! "
But they really didn't you know!
Beware of the Snake
L et's make a funny snake today. This is a very good thing to do on a rainy afternoon in the holidays, if you have already got the material collected. All you want for your snake are plenty of acorn cups of all sizes, and one nice large acorn.
Now, take your acorn and draw eyes and mouth on it. That's easy ! Now get a strong needle and thread it with black cotton, the strongest Mother has.
Push the needle through the acorn, which is to be the snake's head, drawing the cotton after it. The cotton should have a knot at the end, and a bit beyond it, to
make the tongue. Look at the picture and see.
Now choose your biggest acorn cups, and
begin to thread them one after the other. They
will fit into each other as you thread them. Choose
smaller and smaller ones so that the snake's body
tapers nicely. Finish the body off with a knot,
leaving a bit of cotton to make the tip of the tail.
And there's your nice wriggly
snake ! You can make him
as long as you like.
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