The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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goblin-like creatures peeping out from the flowers. It really was a lovely looking-glass.
Pam and Micky liked to look into it and see their nursery reflected there, the other way round. Micky looked at the mirror on that wet, rainy morning, and an idea came into his head.
" I wonder if there is anything magic about that mirror," he said, going over to it. " You know, it's very, very old, Pam. Let's look care­fully at all those little goblins carved round it and see if we think there's any magic about them."
So the two children looked carefully at each goblin, and rubbed each one to see if anything happened. But nothing did. Micky was disappointed. He leaned against the mirror and looked into it at the nursery reflected there.
And then he saw a most queer and curious thing. He saw standing in the mirror-nursery a little, carved chair, just by the fire-place—but when he looked back into the real nursery there was no chair at all!
" Pam! Pam! Look here! " he cried, excitedly. " Look into the mirror. Do you see that funny carved chair, standing by the fire-place? Well, it's in the mirror, but it isn't in our nursery! What do you think of that! "
Pam looked. Sure enough, it was just as Micky had said. A small carved chair stood in the looking-glass—but it wasn't in the real nursery at all. It was only in the looking-glass. It was carved like the mirror itself, and seemed to match it perfectly. Whose was it? Who sat there? And why was it in the looking-glass but not in the nursery itself?
" Pam, Pam! Something exciting has happened at last!" cried Micky. He pressed his face against the glass to try and see further into the mirror— and suddenly he gave a great cry of surprise and fell right through the mirror into the reflection beyond!
Pam stared in astonishment. There was Micky on the other side of the mirror, staring at her, too surprised to speak. Then she heard his voice, sounding rather far away.
" Pam! I'm the other side of the mirror! Take my hand and come too. We'll have a real adventure! "
Pam stretched out her hand and took Micky's. He gave her a pull and she passed right through the looking-glass and stood beside Micky. They
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