The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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let her. No, this was an adventure, and he wanted to go on with it.
" There's nothing to be afraid of," he said. " I'll look after you."
He took Pam along the dark passage and came at last to stairs going up and down. They were queer stairs, going in a spiral, and the children wondered whether to go up them or down them. They decided to go up them.
So up they went and came at last to a big, grey door set with orange nails. They pushed it open and looked inside. And they saw a very strange sight!
A small goblin-like man, with funny, pointy ears, sat hunched up
in a corner by a big fire-place,
A small goblin-like man with funny pointy ears.
leaning over a large red book. Tears were running down his cheeks and made a big pool at his feet. The children stared at him in surprise.
" What's the matter? " asked Micky, at last. The goblin jumped so much with fright that his book nearly fell into the fire. He snatched it out and sat down again on his stool, holding his hand to his beating heart.
" Oh! " he said. " Oh! What a fright you gave me! I thought you were Bom, the big goblin. How in the world did you get here? "
" Oh, never mind that," said Micky. " We are here that's all. What were you crying for? "
" Look at this book," said the goblin, beginning to cry again. " It's a book of recipes. I've got to make some special lemonade for Bom, and I can't read very well, so I just simply can't find out how to make it! There are such long words here—and Bom will whip me and stand me in a corner all night if I haven't got the lemonade ready when he comes back."
"17/ read it for you! " said Micky. He took the book and read out loud.
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