The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Enchanted Lemonade. To Make—Take the juice of five lemons that have grown best in moonlight. Take some yellow honey from the bumble-bee that visits the night-shade on Friday evening. Take a spoonful of blue sugar. Stir with a Kingfisher's feather. Say five enchanted words
It came back with a small jar of honey.
over the mixture."
" Oh, thank you! " cried the small goblin, delighted. " Now I know exactly what to do. Oh, you really are kind and clever. I'll make the lemonade at once! "
He took five strange-looking, silvery lemons from a dish in a cup­board. Then he found a tiny flute in one of his pockets and blew on it. In a moment or two a very large bumble-bee flew in at the open window. The gobHn spoke to it in a curious humming voice, and the bee flew out. It came back in a few minutes with a small jar of yellow honey, which the goblin took from it with a smile. Then out flew the bee again.
Micky and Pam watched in amazement. The gobHn shook some blue sugar from a bag into a silver spoon and mixed it with the juice of the lemons and the honey. Then he took a bright blue feather from a jar and stirred the mixture, muttering over it the strangest words that the children had ever heard.
" There! It's made! " said the gobHn, happily, putting the bowl of lemonade on the window-sill. " Thanks to you, Httle boy! But, tell me— what are you doing here in Bom's house? Does he know you are here? " " No," said Micky. " I didn't even know it was Bom's house. We came through the mirror in our nursery, and found everything quite different."
" You came through the mirror! " cried the Httle goblin, in fright. " Oh, be careful, then! It's years and years since anyone did that. It's a sort of trap, you know. Bom always hopes someone will fall through that magic mirror one day, and then he finds them and makes them his servants for a hundred years. They are aUowed to go back then, but, of course, they are old and so they never want to. They always end up as gobHns, Hke me."
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