The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Micky and Pam listened in astonishment and dismay. They wanted an adventure, but not a horrid one.
" Where is Bom? " asked Micky. " Perhaps we can get back to our nursery before he sees us.""
" I don't think you can," said the goblin. " I believe I can hear him coming now. Quick, take these—they may help you sometime or other. Go and hide behind that couch. Maybe Bom won't see you then."
Micky took what the goblin pressed into his hand and then dragged Pam behind the couch. It was only just in time. The door opened and through it came a magnificent goblin, dressed in a cloak of pure gold and a tunic of silver with sapphire buttons. EQs hat, which he hadn't bothered to take off, had a wonderful curling feather in it, and his long, pointed ears stuck out below it.
" Ho, Tumpy! " said Bom, in a loud voice. " Have you made that lemonade? Where is it? "
Tumpy, the little goblin, ran to the window-sill and fetched the bowl
Bom took him up in his big hand and shook him.
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