The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Once more a tiny whisper came through the keyhole.
stroked the canary for a long time. But he didn't make a movement, and he didn't sing a note. It was disappointing.
" That horrid big goblin will be back again soon," sighed Micky, still stroking the canary. " Oh, I wonder if this is any use."
Just as he said that the canary gave a tiny chirruping noise. Then it suddenly took the red feather in its beak and tucked it into the silvery feathers that grew from its throat. Micky watched in surprise.
The canary hopped up and down in its cage. Then it opened its mouth and began to sing. How it sang! It was the loudest song the chil­dren had ever heard! The door burst open and in came Bom, looking very surprised and pleased.
" Well, well, I didn't think you'd do that so quickly! " he cried. " The Wizard Broody must have taught you a great deal of magic! Now come and change my sack of stones into gold for me! Ho ho! You shall have a great feast and two big precious stones for yourselves when your tasks are finished! "
The children left the singing canary and once more followed Bom, this time into a curious little room hung round with black curtains, embroidered with goldfish. In the middle was a big sack. Bom pulled it open at the neck. It was full of stones.
" Here you are," he said. " Change these into gold for me. I'll go away again if you don't like me to watch you."
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