The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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He went out and banged the door. Once more Micky ran to it and tried itóbut no, it was fast locked. He stared in despair at the sack. Then he looked behind all the curtains to see if there was a door or window, but there wasn't. The only light came from a great lantern hung from the low ceiling,
" Micky! There's that whispering again! " said Pam, in a low voice. Micky rushed to the door and listened. Once more a tiny whisper came through the keyhole. " Put the shiny button in the sack. Put the shiny button in the sack."
'" It must be Tumpy again," said Micky, gladly. " What a good thing we were able to help him make that magic lemonade, Pam! "
He took the golden button from his pocket and slipped it in the sack. It fell down between the stones and disappeared. Micky watched to see what would happen, quite expecting the stones to turn at once to gold. But they didn't.
The children watched and watched themóbut they still remained grey stones. They were afraid Bom would come backóand goodness me, just
" This is a witch's candle," said Bom. " If only I could light it."
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