The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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"Look, Micky!" she cried. "There's a tiny door over there! Do you think we might perhaps open it and squeeze through? "
Micky looked—and in a moment he was down on his knees trying to open it. But it was locked! He groaned.
" Try that tiny key you've got! " whispered Pam, in excitement. "It might fit! "
Micky tried it, with trembling hands. It fitted! He turned it in the lock and pushed open the door. And at that very moment there came an angry voice outside the room, and the children heard the big door opening.
"I'll punish them! " cried Bom's voice. " Telling me they were Wizard children when they weren't! I'll make them my servants for a hundred years! Ho ho! "
Micky pushed Pam through the tiny door and then squeezed hur­riedly through it himself, just as Bom rushed into the room. The angry goblin saw them going through the little door and he rushed over to them. But he was far too big to get through it himself!
" I'll go round the other way and catch you! " he roared.
The children found themselves in a low passage. They stumbled along —and suddenly Micky felt a little hand in his, and a voice spoke to him.
" Don't be afraid, it's only me, Tumpy! I've come to guide you to the looking-glass room. If we're quick we shall get there before Bom does."
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