The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Micky was so glad to have Tumpy! He hurried along with him, Pam following close behind. Down long twisty passages they went, in and out of funny little rooms, upstairs and downstairs and once through a dim, dark cellar. It was terribly exciting.
At last Tumpy pushed them into a room that seemed very familiar. Yes, it was the looking-glass room at last! It was just like their nursery. Over on the wall was the long mirror.
" Quick! Quick! He's coming! " cried Tumpy, and the two chil­dren heard the sound of hurried footsteps and a loud, angry voice. Micky rushed to the mirror and leapt through it. He helped Pam through, and then suddenly thought of dragging the little goblin Tumpy through too. It seemed such a shame to leave him behind to the cross and unkind Bom. So he went through as well!
Micky looked round. He was in his own, proper nursery. How glad he was! So was Pam. Micky looked into the glass. He saw Bom the big goblin suddenly appear there, shaking his fist at them. Then he faded away, and Micky could see nothing but the reflection of his own nursery. Not even the funny little goblin chair was there now.
Tumpy heard footsteps outside the nursery door and he jumped our of the window. " I'll come back again to-night! " he whispered.
Nurse came into the room, smiling.
" Well, have you been good children? " she asked.
" Oh yes," said Micky. " We've had a lovely time! "
" That's splendid," said Nurse. " Well, it's stopped raining, so you can go out. Go and get your rubber boots."
They went, and when they were in the dark hall-cupboard, putting on their boots, Micky spoke to Pam in a low voice.
" Did it really happen, Pam? Or did we imagine it? Did we go through that looking-glass? "
" Yes, rather! " said Pam. " Anyway, Tumpy came back with us. You can ask him if it was true or not, when he comes to see us to-night! What an adventure we've had! "
And now they are waiting to see Tumpy again. I wish I could see him too!
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