The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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B ubble and Squeak, the brownies, Lived in No-no Village. Their cot­tage was all by itself, right at the very end, so the two brownies did just what they liked, and nobody said they were not to.
They were cunning little creatures, the two of them, up to all sorts of tricks. They used to drive Dame Tuffles's hen into the hedge and keep her there till she laid an egg for them. They sometimes pulled the biggest branch of Mister Yum's apple-tree right down over the wall and picked off all the apples they could reach, as fast as they could. Oh, they were
full of tricks, and loved to get something for nothing!
But one day they went too far, and were well punished, as you will hear. It all began as they were coming home from market one afternoon, going over Bumblebee Common, singing at the tops of their voices.
" Sh! " said Bubble, as they came near a very lonely little cottage. " Here's Wizard Once-a-Day's house. Go quietly, or he'll come out and chase us."
So they went very quietly indeed, and as they went they heard a loud sound of hissing and cackling. They knew what that was!
" It's Once-a-Day's Geese," said Squeak. "He has the finest in the kingdom, Bubble.
As they were coming home from Market.
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