The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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I know now why gooseberries have their funny name. They have goose-magic in them. Fancy that! "
Once-a-Day heard Bubble whispering, and he called out in a furious voice: " Who's there? I'll turn you into a pair of slippers and wear you to bed each night! "
" Ooooh! " squealed the brownies, and raced off as fast as ever they could. They didn't stop till they got home.
Now the next day Bubble went out alone. He didn't tell Squeak where he was going, and Squeak wondered why. In an hour's time Bubble came back, holding something in his hand, his face red with excitement.
" What's the matter, Bubble? " asked Squeak. " You look as if you are ready to burst! "
" See!" said Bubble, and he held out his hand to Squeak. In it lay a big green gooseberry.
" Bubble! You don't mean to say you've stolen one of Once-a-Day's gooseberries! " cried Squeak.
" Well, seeing that we know how to make geese from gooseberries, I didn't see why I shouldn't have a try," said Bubble boldly. " Come on, Squeak. We'll soon have a goose of our own now! Hurrah! "
" Goose-egg for breakfast each day! " sang Squeak.
" Boiled, fried, or scrambled! " sang Bubble, throwing the goose­berry up into the air and catching it again.
" Don't do that," said Squeak in alarm. " It might roll down the sink or something."
" All right," said Bubble. " Now where shall we make the goose, Squeak? In the kitchen here, I think. We don't want to let any one see what we are doing. We must say that we bought the goose at market, if any one asks us where we got it."
" But suppose it has greeny feathers in its tail, like Once-a-Day's," said Squeak. " Every one will know."
" We'll cut its tail feathers off," said Bubble. " Where's the chalk, Squeak? And we want some of our moonlight dew."
" They are in the drawer," said Squeak, and he got them out. ' The chalk is rather small, but it will just do. Now—I'll draw the circle here."
He drew a nice big circle on the kitchen floor. Bubble put his green
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