The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The goose took the broom in its strong beak and cracked the handle in half!
" Oooh! There's our best broom gone! " said Bubble in dismay. " Ow! It's pecked me on the nose, it's pecked me on the nose! "
" Shoo it outside! " said Squeak. " It's the nastiest bird I ever saw. I wish we hadn't made it now."
" Shoo, shoo, shoo! " shouted Bubble. But the goose wouldn't be shooed! It wandered round the kitchen and pecked at everything it saw. It pecked down the pretty blue curtains. It pecked holes in the carpet. It pecked at a coat of Bubble's which was hanging on a chair, and tore a sleeve right out!
" Oh! You wicked creature! " yelled Bubble in dismay. " That's my Sunday coat. Look what you've done ! "
" Ss-ss-ss-ss! " hissed the goose. " Cackle, cackle, cackle! " It was having a fine time.
" Bubble, we can't keep this goose if it's going to behave like this," said Squeak in despair. " Do help me to shoo it outside."
So the two brownies tried to shoo the bird out againóbut all it did was to peck sharply at them, and very soon it seemed as if the goose were shooing the brownies, and not the brownies shooing the goose! They ran out of doors. The goose followed them, pecking away at their legs and back. They ran down the path and out into the road, crying.
" Shut the gate, Squeak, shut the gate! " yelled Bubble. So Squeak banged the gate.
" Now you just stay there, you horrid bird," said Squeak. " We are going to find some one to fetch you away. We won't keep you! We'll sell you!"
" Ss-ss-ss-ss, cackle, cackle, cackle! " said the goose, sounding just as if it were laughing at the brownies. It flew to the top of the gate, flapped its great wings, and then flew down into the road. It hurried after the brownies.
" Oooh! It's after us! " cried Bubble. " Run, Squeak, run! "
Well, that goose chased them up the hill. It chased them over the commonóand it drove them right into Wizard Once-a-Day's garden! And there was Once-a-Day, grinning all over his clever face!
" I was waiting for you," he said to the frightened brownies. " I saw
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