The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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you steal that gooseberry, Bubble. I hadn't gone to market as you thought. I knew if you made a magic goose you wouldn't be able to manage it, and it would bring you back to me! Well, have you had a nice time with the goose? "
" No," wept the two brownies. " We are very sorry we used one of your magic gooseberries, Once-a-Day. We hope you won't punish us."
" Oh no," said Once-a-Day, " I don't mind a bit. You can go home—but take your goose with you! "
" Take the goose! " cried Bubble. " Oh no, Once-a-Day, don't make us take the goose! It pecks us to pieces! "
" Well, I don't want a goose that some­body else has made," said Once-a-Day.
" Please, please have it," begged the brownies, falling down on their knees. " Oh,
There was Once-a-day, grinning all over his face.
please, Once-a-Day."
" Now just listen to me, Bubble and Squeak," said the wizard, suddenly very stern. " I know all about you two cunning little creatures and your tricks. I'll keep the goose—but if I hear that you have been sly or mean or dishonest in ANY way—I'll send the goose down to your cottage. Do you understand? "
" Y-y-yes," stammered the brownies, going very red indeed. "Then go," said Once-a-Day, " and I'll keep the goose, just as long as you keep your promise! If you forget it I'll forget the goose—and it will come running down to peck your fat legs! "
Off went the two sorry little brownies—and so far as I know the goose hasn't been back to their cottage, so I expect they must be remem­bering to keep their promise. I didn't know there was such goose-magic in gooseberries, did you? But I'm glad I know why they have such a funny name!
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