The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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It was little Dame Smiler who told the story of how she had seen Snifty use the dustbin for something quite wrong.
" I was peeping over the wall," she said, " and I saw that old pixie tramp, who sells ferns, knocking at Snifty's door. Snifty told him to go away—and when he wouldn't go, I saw Snifty take hold of him and his ferns and pop him into the dustbin! And when I went to look into the dustbin when Snifty was out that afternoon, I couldn't see the old tramp there at all. He had gone, like all the rubbish."
Well, you can guess that the Greenapple folk thought twice, then, about offending Snifty. Nobody wanted to be put into his dustbin. So they all were very careful, and didn't say a word to make Snifty think they were really very tired of him.
One day Chiddlewinks the pixie sent out invitations to a party—and he sent one to Snifty too. People thought that was silly—for a party with Snifty looking on was no fun at all. Why, he always had to win musical chairs and blow out the candles on the cake and everything!
" I saw Snifty take hold of him and his ferns and pop him into the dustbin."
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