The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" You are silly, Chiddlewinks," said every one crossly. But Chiddle­winks didn't say a word. He just smiled a most peculiar smile.
The day of the party came. Chiddlewinks borrowed twelve chairs from his friends and some cups and saucers, for he hadn't enough of his own. It was to be a very grand party.
Red-Cheeks, Chiddlewinks' friend, popped in and out of the cottage, carrying cups and saucers and chairs and making himself very useful. And very often Chiddlewinks and Red-Cheeks would whisper together and then laugh loudly.
For they had a Plan. It was a very daring Plan indeed. The night before the party Red-Cheeks was to paint his own dustbin, which was about as large as Snifty's, a bright green colour. And he was to steal into Snifty's garden and exchange the two dustbins.
" I don't expect Snifty will notice that your dustbin isn't magic," said Chiddlewinks. " Because he just takes off the lid, throws his rubbish in without looking and puts the lid on again! "
What were they going to do with Snifty's dustbin? Ah, that was the daring Plan!
" I shall cover the top and the sides with red velvet," said Chiddle­winks, " so that the dustbin will look very grand indeed—like a very smart stool! And I shall put the dustbin, looking like a stool, at the head of the table, Red-Cheeks, and you will pretend that you are going to sit there. That will make Snifty very angry, for he always thinks he should sit at the head of everything. He will push you away and sit on the red stool him­self—and he'll fall into the dustbin and disappear."
" Well, don't you go and put the lid on before you cover the stool," said Red-Cheeks. " My, what a joke! "
The party began. Every one stared in surprise at the fine red velvet stool that was at the head of the table. Nobody had seen it before and they wondered if Chiddlewinks had bought it. Red-Cheeks was very fussy and hustled people to the tea-table, saying, " Now take your seats. Chiddle­winks is just going to pour out tea."
Snifty was there, of course, looking extra grand in a blue silk suit with buttons down the back and front. He frowned at Red-Cheeks, and then he saw that the little fellow was actually going to put himself at the head of the table—on that grand red velvet stool! That was too much for Snifty.
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