The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The velvet gave way beneath Snifty's weight.
He pushed Red-Cheeks so hard that he fell over. " Make way for me," he said in his crossest voice. " I think this is my seat! "
" It is, it is! " squealed Red-Cheeks in delight as he saw Snifty sitting down hard on the red velvet cloth that was spread over the top of the dustbin.
The velvet gave way beneath Snifty's weight—it fell into the dustbin— and Snifty fell with it, clutching at the table as he went. He fell right inside it and Red-Cheeks pushed his legs in to make sure!
Then, before their eyes, the folk of Greenapple Village saw their surly, strict chief disappear, just as he had made the old tramp disappear before. He was gone!
How they yelled and cheered!—and it wasn't long before Mister Jolly was made chief, and as he was as nice as his name, Greenapple Village was soon very happy and contented indeed.
As for old Snifty, goodness knows where he went to! Anyway, he's gone to all his old bottles and peel and tins—and the old tramp too. So he'll have plenty of company, won't he?
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