The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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J ack had a big brown bear on wheels. It really was a lovely one. Jack could ride on its back, or wheel it by its handle, and he often took it out on his walks with him.
Bruiny had a growl. Jack could make him growl if he pulled a string in Bruiny's neck. Then Bruiny said " Urrrrrrr! " in a lovely deep voice. He was a nice, com≠fortable bear, and Jack loved him. He did wish the bear could talk to himóbut Bruiny could only growl, and that might mean anything.
One day Bruiny and Jack had a big
Jack was pushing Bruiny by the handle.
adventure. They were walking down the
lane, Jack pushing Bruiny by the handle, when there came a great noise of shouting from the field nearby.
And out of the hedge jumped a gnome carrying a bag! He leapt
on a tiny bicycle, and rode off at top speed. After him, squeezing through the hedge, came two small brownies with long beards. " Oh, the rascal, oh, the rogue! " said one. " He's gone off with all our gold! "
" And he's on a bicycle so that we can't catch him!" said the other. " There isn't even a rabbit we can ride on! "
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