The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Jack stared hard at the little men. He knew quite well they were fairy folk and he was most excited. He pulled Bruiny's string and Bruiny growled. " Urrrrrrrrr! "
" Good gracious! " said the two brownies, and they jumped round at once. " A bear! " they cried. " A fine strong bear! We'll ride after the gnome on him! "
" But he's only a toy one," said Jack. " He has to be pushed. He won't go by himself."
" Oh, yes, he will, if we rub a little magic ointment on his legs," said the first brownie. " Will you lend him to us for a little while? "
" Yes, if I can come too," said Jack.
" All right," said the brownies. " There is room for all of us on the bear's back. We are small."
One of them took a jar of ointment from his pocket and rubbed it on Bruiny's legs. At once Bruiny waggled his legs and jumped right off his four big wheels! There he stood, quite alive, his Uttle brown head shaking in delight, and his ears twitching.
" Come on! " said Bruiny, in a growly voice. " I'll catch the thief for you. Urrrrrrrrr! "
Jack got on his back. He was so excited. The brownies got on too, one in front of Jack and one behind.
" Gee up! " cried the front one.
And Bruiny geed up! My goodness, how he galloped along! It was the first time he had ever used his legs properly—and didn't he enjoy it! Jack had to hold on quite tightly in case he fell off.
" Good gracious, Bruiny! " he shouted. " I never thought you'd come alive—and what a pace you can go! "
In a few minutes they saw the gnome pedalling along on his bicycle in front of them. " UrrrrrRRRRR! " growled Bruiny, in his loudest voice.
The gnome heard the noise and looked back. When he saw the bear, and Jack with
They rubbed it on Bruiny's legs.
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