The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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astonishment who should he see in front of him but Pipkin himself, also going back on the road home, whistling merrily!
It so happened that Pipkin looked behind him, and when he saw Busy­body coming down the road too, he stopped his merry whistling and began to run as fast as he could.
" This robber is a dreadful fellow! " he said to himself. " He has followed me all the morning and I can't get rid of him! Oh my, oh my, I'd better get back to Old Man Jog-About as quickly as I can."
He raced back as fast as he could, and Busybody, seeing him run, began to run too, hopeful of catching him up at last.
On they ran, the two of them, on and on and on. The magic shoes that Pipkin had on helped him and he ran faster than Busybody. Soon he was out of sight, and at last he reached Jog-About's tent and rushed inside.
" Now, now, what's all the hurry? " asked Jog-About, startled. " Need you come into my tent like an earth-quake, Pipkin? Where are your manners, fellow? "
" Oh, sir, pardon me," panted Pipkin. " But all the morning I have been followed by a robber, a horrid fellow in a curious red hat. He has shouted at me and waved his stick at me, and I have been afraid he was going to rob me of these magic shoes and all your money."
" Well, well, well," said Jog-About, remembering how Busybody
had waked him so suddenly that morning. Hark! Here he comes! "
Sure enough, there came the sound of running feet and Busybody burst into the tent. Pipkin at once dived under the table and sat there trembling. Busybody looked at Jog-About, who was frowning angrily.
" How dare you burst into my tent like that? " he roared. " That's twice to-day you've done it! You're a robber, I hear, a nasty, shouting thief! Well, Til teach you to burst into my tent and chase my servant! I'll. . ."
" Listen to me," said Busybody. " This morning I saw Pipkin, your servant, put on those magic shoes you have, and, taking all
The fellow must be mad.
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