The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Tom knocked at the door belonging to Mr. Worries. A voice cried out at once.
" Go away! Not to-day thank you! No lettuces wanted. No radishes required! "
" I'm not selling anything! " called Tom.
" Then go away! " said the voice.
So Tom knocked at the next door, Mr. Greeneyes the Goblin's door. No answer came. He knocked again. Still no answer. Tom opened the door a little way and peeped inside. Nobody was there at all. There was a small round room inside, very untidy. A lamp hung from the ceiling and gave a dim light.
Suddenly Tom saw something blue on the floor and he picked it up at once. He knew what it wasóBessie's little handkerchief! It had blue butterflies worked all over it. So Bessie had been in Mr. Greeneyes Goblin's room! But where was she now? There was no door out of the room except the one that Tom had come in by. Where could Bessie be?
" Well, perhaps Bessie and Greeneyes the Goblin are in Mr. Woffles' room," he thought at last. " That's about the only place they can be! "
So he knocked once more on Mr. Woffles' door.
" Not to-day thank you! " came the voice again.
But Tom was not going to be put off any longer. He flung open the door and marched in. He quite expected to see two or three goblins there, holding Bessie prisoner, so he marched in with a fierce glare, and stamped his feet loudly.
" Ooh! Ooh! " squeaked a voice and Tom saw something dive under a little bed standing in the corner of the room. He darted to the bed and caught hold of a leg. He pulled out the owneróand to his great surprise found that he was holding a small, shivering brown rabbit, whose nose woffled up and down in terror.
The rabbit was dressed in blue trousers and a yellow coat and on his nose were very big glasses that shook as his nose woffled. He was very, very frightened.
" Ooh! " he kept saying. " Ooh! "
" Why, it's a rabbit! " said Tom, astonished. " Where's Mr. Woffles? "
" Ooh! " shivered the rabbit. " Ooh! I'm M-M-Mr. W-W-Woffles. Let me go. I haven't done any harm."
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