The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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I shouldn't have thought fifteen children could have got into that little room! "
" Oh, that's only his office where he does his work," said Mr. Woffles. " He lives at the rainbow's end, a long way from here."
" How can I get there? " asked Tom.
" You can't get there if you don't know the way," said Mr. Woffles. " Nobody can."
" But I must go there! " cried Tom. " Poor Bessie! I can't bear to think of her alone and frightened among all those goblin children."
" Well, how will you get there? " asked the rabbit. " There's only one person knows the way, and that's Mother Simple, who lives on Puff Hill."
" Would you take me to her? " asked Tom.
" Certainly, certainly," said Mr. Woffles, suddenly beaming all over his furry little face. " I'd be delighted. Come on."
He pressed a green knob on the wall of his room, and a hole appeared. Tom peeped down it. It looked steep, slippery and dark, and was cer­tainly not big enough to stand in.
" Have I got to crawl down there? " he asked.
" No, no! that's the slippery slide to the foot of Puff Hill," said Mr. Woffles. :i Come on. Pick up a mat from the floor and we'll slide down. It's great fun if you don't knock your head against the roof."
Mr. Woffles picked up a mat from the floor, put it inside the hole, sat on it and gave himself a push off. Away he went down into the darkness, and Tom heard him saying " Ooooooooo! " as he went.
Then it was Tom's turn. He put his mat into the hole and sat down on it. He pushed off and down he sped, faster and faster. He did hope he wouldn't bang his head against the roof!
Here and there small candles shone in candlesticks that stuck out from the wall. The slippery slide went down and down, faster and faster, and Tom quite lost his breath! Then at last his mat began to slow down and came to a stop just behind Mr. Woffles, who was getting off his mat. Tom's feet stuck into him as his mat stopped.
;< Careful, careful! " said the rabbit, hopping off quickly. " Come on—up this passage! "
Up they went and came to a door. The rabbit opened it and Tom saw
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