The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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that they were at the bottom of a hill. Nearby stood a row of big birch brooms. Mr. Woffles went up to them and took one. He sat astride it.
" Come along! " he called to Tom. " It's too hot to walk all the way up Puff Hill. We'll fly! "
He smacked his broomstick and it rose up in the air. Tom took one and did the same thing. Up he flew, and held on to his broomstick in delight. But the ride was short, for they were soon at the top of the hill. There Tom saw a small cottage, set in a very flowery garden. In it was an old woman, watering her roses.
" Good morning, Mother Simple! " cried Mr. Woffles, landing just beside her.
" Lawks-a-mussy, how you made me jump! " said Mother Simple. " What do you want now, you mischievous little rabbit? "
" Which is the way to the rainbow's end? " asked Mr. Woffles.
" Find the beginning of it, climb up, and slide down the other side," answered Mother Simple.
" Well, where's the beginning? " asked Mr. Woffles.
" Use your eyes! " said Mother Simple, and she pointed her watering can to the left.
Tom and the rabbit looked, and they saw the shining arch of a rainbow halfway down the other side of Puff Hill. They rushed down to it, afraid it would disappear. When they got there Tom saw that steps were cut in the shimmering rainbow. He felt sure they would not hold him, for the rainbow looked such a delicate thingóbut to his surprise he found that although his feet shook the rainbow, it held him quite safely.
He and Mr. Woffles climbed up and up till they got to the top of the rainbow. They were very high up, and Mother Simple's cottage looked small and far-away when they looked down.
" Now for another slide! " said Mr. Woffles, and he sat down on the rainbow. "Whoooooooooosh! " Away he went at a terrific speed. Tom slid down after him. It was great fun. Bump! The two of them reached the bottom and went head-over-heels at once!
They sat up and looked round. Tom saw a curious house in the dis≠tance, all higgledy-piggledy, looking as if it might fall down at any moment. Playing round it was a crowd of little goblin children, all sizes,
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