The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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with bright green eyes and yellow shining hair. With them was—yes, really—Bessie! Tom was delighted to see her again.
" Bessie, Bessie! "he called. " Come to me! I've come to rescue you!"
" Sh! You silly stupid boy! " said Mr. Woffles, fiercely. " Why did you shout like that? You've warned the goblin and his wife that we're here now. They'll rush off with Bessie before we can get there! "
And sure enough, that is just what they did! As soon as they heard Tom's shouts, Mr. Greeneyes and his wife came rushing out of the house. They caught hold of Bessie, whistled to the children who ran up at once, and all of them bundled into a funny old car standing nearby. It was shaped like a swan in front, and Tom wondered however the goblin could see to guide it, for the swan's neck rose up just in front of the steering wheel!
Clatter-clatter-clank! Off went the car, and Tom and the rabbit were left to stare at it.
" Now what can we do? " groaned Tom.
" Come on! Let's catch a train! " said the rabbit, clutching his arm. " I can hear one coming."
" But where are the railway lines? " asked Tom, in surprise.
" There aren't any," said Mr. Woffles, impatiently. " Look, here comes the train! "
Tom looked, and to his amazement he saw a large wooden engine coming along, dragging behind it a row of red trucks. In the trucks were all kinds of little folk and animals. The last truck was empty and Mr.
Over the lake they went, trying to catch up the swan-shaped car.
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