The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Woffles ran to it with Tom close behind. They clambered in and sat down.
The engine-driver looked round, and shouted to Mr. Woffles.
" Where do you want to go? "
" Follow Mr. Greeneyes! " yelled back the rabbit.
" Right! " said the engine-driver at once and drove his engine fast after the clanking car of the goblin, which was now far away in the distance.
" But what about all the other passengers? " asked Tom. " Don't they want to go somewhere else? "
" Oh no," said Mr. Woffles. " They are only out for a ride. They never know where the train will go to."
Things seemed very queer to Tom, and he hoped he would soon be able to get Bessie and take her safely back home. The train went on and on, bumping about over the stones, and shaking everybody up thoroughly. It went faster than the goblin's car and soon everyone began to get excited.
" We're catching them up ! " they cried to Tom, and a small pixie was so excited that he tumbled right out of his truck. The engine-driver wouldn't wait for him to get in again, so he was left behind crying bitterly.
" We're catching them up! " yelled the engine-driver, and he made his engine give a most piercing whistle.
" Oh look, the goblin is driving straight into that lake! " suddenly cried Tom, in alarm, as he watched the car in front rushing straight towards a big blue lake. " Oh, dear! Just look at that! They'll all be drowned! "
But they weren't, for the swan-shaped motor-car simply swam along beautifully, and the goblin yelled and made rude faces at them.
To Tom's surprise, the engine-driver turned his engine towards the lake and ran straight into it! But as the train was wooden, the engine and the trucks floated very well, and nobody seemed to mind at all! Over the lake they went, trying to catch up the swan-shaped car. It was really very exciting.
Suddenly the swan-car spread out large white wings and flew up in the air! Then everyone in the train began to groan, for the engine had no wings. But a small pixie in the next truck but one climbed hurriedly into Tom's truck and took two pairs of wings out of her bag.
" Let me fix them on you and the rabbit," she said. " They are quite strong. You can fly after the swan then."
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