The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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M ister crosspatch was, as usual, in a bad temper. He stamped in at the park-gates with his newspaper, and looked for an empty seat.
" Of course! There isn't one! There never is! " said Mister Cross-patch, frowning. " I'll go to that one over there. It has only one man sitting on it."
So he went to the seat by the tulips. But he didn't see the brilliant tulips standing in rows in the bright sun. No, Mister Crosspatch never noticed things like that! He unfolded his newspaper.
There was a little old man on the other end of the seat, enjoying the sunshine and the tulips. Beside him was a paper parcel, and it was easy to see that it had sandwiches in it, and perhaps a cake or two. A small brown dog sat on the ground below the seat.
Mister Crosspatch took out a bar of chocolate and began to crunch it. The dog smelt the chocolate and got up. He went to Mister Crosspatch and put his nose into the man's hand. Mister Crosspatch jerked it away at once.
" Go away! "he shouted. " Go away! Take your nasty cold nose away! "
The dog growled, and lay down. Crosspatch turned to the little old man at the other end of the seat and snapped at him. " Look after that dog of yours! " he said. " I don't want him sniffing round me."
" But he's ..." began the old man in a mild sort of voice.
" No excuse, please! " said Crosspatch. " Dogs are a nuisance anyhow,
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