The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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OH, MISTER CROSSPATCH!                            <"~
and even more so when people don't look after them. Not a word more, please! I want to read! "
The old man looked at the tulips and said no more. The dog saw that Crosspatch had dropped a bit of chocolate under the seat and he got up to get it. He licked it up.
" Look at that! " cried Crosspatch in a rage. " Licked up that bit of chocolate before I could pick it up! "
" Well, it's a bad thing to eat things picked up from the ground," said the old man. " Probably the dog thought you had dropped the bit there for him."
" I tell you, I won't have your dog worrying me like this! " roared Crosspatch.
" Well, he's "... began the old man again, but Crosspatch wouldn't hear a word.
" I told you not to make excuses before," he said. " I never listen to excuses. Go away, dog! Shoo!"
The dog didn't like Crosspatch. He growled. Crosspatch looked
down at him.
" What's the matter with him? " he said. " He's no right to come sniffing after my choco­late like this. Hasn't he had any breakfast? "
" I really don't know! " said the old man.
" There! " cried Crosspatch. " You don't even know if he's had breakfast! You've no right to keep a dog and starve it. No wonder he comes for my choco­late! Go away, dog! I say, go away—and stop growling at me! " The dog didn't like Cross-patch's loud voice. " Grrrrrr! "
He licked up the bit of chocolate.
he growled, and showed his teeth. " I declare, this dog of yours
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