The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" And now, out of my park you go! " roared the keeper. "' And mind you behave yourself when you come into it next time! "
He took hold of Crosspatch, jerked him up from the seat, and ran him to the park-gates. Out went Crosspatch on his nose, and the little dog stood over him and barked in delight. The keeper laughed—and as for the little old man on the seat, well, he hadn't been so amused for a very long time.
" He'll be careful how he behaves next time," said the keeper. " Throwing my dinner to the dog indeed! I'll be on the watch for him next time! " But Mister Crosspatch won't ever go to that park again. He's much too frightened!
How Clever You Are
H ere is a little number-trick, which will puzzle people and make them think you are very clever indeed. Begin by saying something ridiculous. "lama mar­vellous thought-reader! Did you know that? " " No! What do you mean? " " Well, I can tell you any number you think of! " " Tell me then." "All right. Think of a number! Have you thought of one? Good. Now multiply it by 3. Done it? Good. Now add one. Now multiply by 3 again. Now add the number you first thought of. Done that? "
" Yes, I've done it."
" Now tell me the number you have got to, and I will tell you the number you first thought of! "
Then your friend will tell you his total number, which will always end in three. Take off the 3, and the number left is the one he thought of. Marvellous!
Say he thought of the number 5 ; Multiply by 3, which makes 15 ; Add one, which makes 16; Multiply again by 3, making 48 ; Add the number first thought of (5) making 53. Strike off the 3, and you have 5 which is the number he thought of! Try it out and see how right you are every time. Always strike off the right-hand number, and the number that is left is the one first thought of.
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