The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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In the Heart of the Wood
Scamp. scamp ! Do you want to go for a walk? " shouted Benny. " Sally, are you coming too? "
A black scottie flung himself on Benny, and darted round in delight, his tail wagging hard. A walk! That was just what he loved!
Benny's sister came running downstairs, pulling on her coat. " Yes, I'm coming, Benny. Let's go to the wood, and watch Scamp chasing the rabbits. They both have such fan. The rabbits know he can't catch them, but Scamp always hopes he will! "                                           
So off went the three of them to the wood. Scamp tore in front, for he had heard the magic word " rabbits ". Ah, one day he would catch one, he felt certain of it.
They came to the wood. It was a nice wood, but so deep and dark in the middle that the children had never walked right to the heart of it.
" Woof! " said Scamp, spying a rabbit cocking an ear at him behind a tree, and off he went. The rabbit tore off too, its white bobtail going up and down.
It went into a hole. " Scamp always thinks that's not fair! " said Sally, with a laugh. Scamp looked up at her. He thought that rabbits should live in holes that were big enough for dogs to get down!
Another rabbit flashed by. Off went Scamp, and this time he dis­appeared behind the trees. The children walked on after him. They walked for some time, and didn't see Scamp at all.
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