The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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something to save us," said Benny. " Cheer up, Sally. Things don't look so black after all! "
The wood was very dark and quiet, except when an owl hooted, or some small animal rustled here and there. The children sat and waited in silence, hidden deep inside the old hollow tree.
Benny looked at his watch. " Oh dear—it's half-past eleven already," he said. " I wonder if Mother has found the note on Scamp's collar. Surely she would have been here by now if she had."
" Sh! I can hear something!"
whispered Sally. " Oh—it's Scamp
Scamp had a beautiful blue collar.
again, surely! And somebody
with him! "
It was! The children heard his eager snuffling, and then heard
many footsteps. Quite a lot of people seemed to be following Scamp.
" Here's the tree," said their father's voice. " What an enormous one! Benny, Sally, are you there? "
"Oh yes, Daddy! " cried both children. "We're still here. We thought you were never coming. Is Mother there? "
" Yes," said their mother's anxious voice. " I've been so worried about you. Listen, we told the police about your note and they are here too, planning to catch the robbers. Have they been back again? "
" Not yet. They said midnight," said Benny. " Is that the police we can hear all round? "
" Yes," said a deep voice. " This is Inspector Jenks here. We're going to get you out of that tree first, both of you. Then we're going to hide in the bushes round and completely surround the tree, to wait for the men to come back. We've got a rope to haul you up. But we'll have to be quick about it! "
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