The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Someone climbed the tree, and soon after a rope came slithering down into the hollow. The children climbed out thankfully, dropped down the tree and ran to their parents. Scamp licked their legs from knee to ankle, he was so pleased to have them again !
" Now—you'd better get into the bushes too," said the Inspector. " There's no time to take you back home. Not another sound please! Hold the dog, one of you children."
Then there was silence, whilst everybody waited. Scamp began to whine softly. That meant that someone was coming. Benny quietened him. " There's someone coming," he whispered to the Inspector, who was close by him.
So there was! It was the two robbers coming back through the wood to the enormous hollow tree. They didn't know anyone was lying in wait. They didn't even lower their voices as they came!
They climbed the tree. They called down to the children who they thought were still down in the tree. There was no answer, of course. Then down they jumped into the hollow—to find no one there!
The rest was easy. The police moved up and the tree was surrounded. The burglars were caught, their goods were taken from them, and they were marched away to the police station!
" Oh, wasn't it exciting! " said Benny, as he and Sally and Scamp went home with their parents. " I did love it! "
" Too exciting! " said his mother. " Don't do that sort of thing too often, Benny."
That wasn't quite the end of the story. The police sent Benny and Sally a lovely watch each for their help in catching the robbers—and Scamp had a beautiful blue collar with his name on it.
But he did deserve it, didn't he?
Answers to puvgles on page 248
1.  Oat; goat; goal; foal.
2.  Beech; pine; larch; yew; ash; poplar; maple.
3.  Umbrella!
4.  Because he has plenty of pages.
5.  A hole!
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