The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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The sugar pig fled into a mouse-hole, and when he was sure he was safe he poked his pink snout out in a rage. " Hie, you cat! " he squeaked, " I'm a pig, not a mouse. I'm a pink sugar pig!"
" Better still!" said the cat, and tried to scoop him from the hole with her paw. " I love sugar animals! "
The sugar pig ran down the hole and soon came to a bigger hole leading into the kitchen. He peeped out. No one was about. He ran out and looked for a safe place to hide.
But just then Bobby, the brown dog, came sniffing into the kitchen. He had smelt that sugar pig, and had come to find him. He soon saw him and scampered after him.
" Come here, pink mouse! I'll have you for my dinner! "
The sugar pig ran out of the door in a fright. The wind banged the door after him and shut the dog into the kitchen. The pig was safe! How pleased he was!
" The big world seems just as dangerous as the Christmas-tree! " he said to himself as he wandered down the garden path. " Oh! Ooooh! Eeeeeee! "
No wonder he squealed! A big blackbird had spied him running down the path and had come to peck him, thinking he was a large pink caterpillar!
" Come here, pink caterpillar! I'd like you for my dinner! " said the blackbird. "Peck, peck! "
He dug two sugary bits out of the poor sugar pig and liked them very much. If the sugar pig hadn't run under the hen-house, he would have been pecked to bits!
But, dear me, that is what very nearly did happen to him the minute
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