The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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after! For the hens found him under their house, and how they chased him to peck him!
" Come here, pink spider! " they clucked. " We'd like you for our dinner! "
" I'm not a spider, nor a cater­pillar, nor a mouse! " squealed the sugar pig. " Leave me alone. I'm just a little sugar pig! "
He ran out of the hen-yard and hurried down a path. And there something nearly ran him over! It was a small girl on a tricycle. When she saw the pink pig lying on his side, all the breath knocked out
How they chased him.
of his fat sugary body, she was most surprised.
She got off her tricycle and picked him up. " Why, it's a pink sugar pig," she said. " How did you come to be here, sugar pig? "
" Oh, I escaped from a very dangerous place, little girl," panted the sugar pig. " And first a cat wanted me for her dinner, and I es­caped down a mouse-hole. Then a dog wanted to eat me, and I ran into the yard. Then a blackbird wanted to gobble me up, and I hid under the hen-house—and then the hens tried to peck me to bits. Oh, I tell you I've had a very dangerous and worrying time."
" Poor little sugar pig," said the little girl. " I should think you would like to be put into some safe place, wouldn't you? "
" Yes, I would," said the pink pig.
How did you come to be here ? "
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