The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Well, I'll take you indoors to my mother," said the little girl. " She will know what to do with you."
So she took the sugar pig indoors and told her mother all about him.
" What a queer story! " said Mother. " I know a very safe place to put him, so don't worry, darling." She picked up the little sugar pig and took him into another room. And there stood the big Christmas-tree.
" I'll put him on this tree," said Mother. " He will be quite safe there." So she tied him to a branch with a bit of string and left him.
And will you believe it, when the pink sugar pig looked around him, he saw the Uttle black doll nearby and the green candle just below him!
" Ho, ho! " said the black doll. ' So you've come back again, have you! Well, well, well! "
But the sugar pig needn't worry! Nobody will let the candles burn the toys, and he will be quite safe. He had had all his adventures for nothing.
" I'm back where I started!" squealed the sugar pig. " But here I'm staying now, so don't you say another word to me, black doll! "
And there he is still, unless the children have had the Christmas-tree. Where do you suppose he will be if they have had it?
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