The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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what I can do! " So that night the doll tried to get out the broken wheel. The duck helped her by pecking hard, and at last out came the wheel!
" Good! " cried the duck. " Now climb down to the work-basket on that chair, doll. You are sure to find an empty reel there."
The doll climbed down. The basket belonged to the shopgirl, and in it she had fall reels, half-used ones, and two empty ones. The doll chose the bigger one of the two, and climbed back to the shelf with it. The duck helped her to fit it into
the barrow—and hey presto, she could wheel it along beautifully! The reel went round and round just as well as the wheel had done.
" And now I shall go to Toy-town," said the doll happily, taking hold of the handles of the barrow.
"Well, good-bye," said the duck sadly. " I am glad you are able to go, but I am sorry to lose you."
" Oh, but you are coming with me! " said the doll, laughing.
" How can I do that! " cried the duck. " I have no legs, and cannot walk, and my wings are only painted. They will not fly."
" Ah, but I shall put you into
my barrow and wheel you along
She wheeled him to the end of the shelf.
with me! " said the kind little doll. " You have helped me, duck, and now I will help you. You are not heavy, and though you will not fit very well into my barrow, still, I think I can manage! "
The duck was too excited to answer! The doll picked him up in her arms, for he was very light, though quite big. She put him on her barrow—he would not go right in for he was too big—but she managed to balance him quite well. Then she wheeled him to the end of the shelf.
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