The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Just below the shelf stood a big dolls' house. The doll cleverly wheeled the barrow from the shelf to the roof of the house, then down the roof to a balcony that jutted out from a bedroom. Then she called to a big teddy bear, and asked him to help her.
" Will you lift down this duck for me, and my barrow? " she asked. " I can quite well climb down myself."
The big bear was a good-natured fellow, and he lifted down the duck gently, and then the barrow. The cotton-reel fell out, and the bear pushed it in again. The doll quickly climbed down from the balcony, and put the duck in the barrow. They called thank-you and good-bye to the teddy bear, and then off they went on the way to Toytown, the doll wheeling the duck in the barrow.
They journeyed for two nights and a day, and at last they came to Toytown. At the gates stood a wooden policeman.
" What do you want in Toytown? " he asked. " It is very full just now. Unless you have some work to do, doll and duck, I cannot let you in.
" I'm a gardener doll," said the little doll. " Can't you see my barrow and my overall. I'm a very good gardener. I shall soon find work to do."
" But what about the duck? " asked the policeman. " What work will he do? "
" Oh, he'll find something! " said the doll. " Do let me in, please, for I am very tired."
So, grumbling a little, the toy policeman let them go through the gates, and the wheelbarrow rumbled down the neat streets of Toytown. Dolls' houses stood on every side, and toy shops sold their wares. Little farms, with wooden animals and trees were here and there. The doll stopped at the gate of one.
" I think I'll go in and ask the farmer here if he will let me be his gardener," said the doll. " I can see one or two trees that have fallen over. I can do a good many jobs here! And I believe I can see a pond that you could float on! "
So she wheeled her barrow, and the duck as well, through the farm gate and went up to the farmer. He was made of wood, but he had very sharp little eyes.
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