The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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" Oh, so you want to be a gardener here, do you? " he said. " Well, I can do with one. I have too much work to do. Can you feed the chickens and the ducks too, and look after the pigs as well? "
" Oh, yes," said the doll. " I can do anything. Will you please let the duck in my barrow float on your pond till he too finds some work to do? "
" Very well," said the farmer. " Take him over there."
So the duck was taken to a, small pond and he floated there in great delight. The pond was very
tiny, and the duck almost filled it
The wheelbarrow rumbled down the neat streets of Toytown.
all. When he floated very hard he made big waves at the edge of the pond, and then all the tiny ducks nearby quacked with fright.
The doll set to work. She was a good gardener, and she did her best to see to the chickens, ducks and pigs too. She enjoyed working in the sunshine, but when it began to rain, and her hair and overall got soaked, she did not like it so much.
" My feet get stuck in the mud," she complained to the duck. " It is horrid!"
The duck liked the rain. For one thing it made his pond bigger, and that gave him more room. He liked to feel the raindrops, too—but he was sorry for the little doll.
" Have you found me any work to do yet? " he asked the doll.
" No," said the doll, with a sigh. " It seems very difficult to get work for someone who cannot walk or fly. I am worried about you, duck. The policeman said yesterday that the little ducklings here had complained that you take up all the room on their pond. He said that you will have to leave Toytown next week if you cannot get any work."
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