The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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unhappy. The duck pecked on the glass with his beak, and the little doll jumped out of bed at once.
" Oh, duck, I'm so glad you've come! " she said. " We are in a dreadful fix here. The farmer's wife hasn't any tea, or sugar, or bread, and we don't know how to get it, because of the floods. We can't go out, for the water is right over our heads! Do you think you could float off to the butcher's and get some meat for us, and go to the grocer's and get some tea and sugar? "
" Of course! " said the duck in delight. " I'll do anything I can! You know that, doll! I'll go now! "
So off he floated at top speed. He went into Toytown, which was also flooded, though not quite so badly as the houses just outside. He swam to the butcher's, grocer's, baker's and milkman, and asked them for meat, tea, sugar, bread and milk, and loaded everything on to his big broad back! Then back he swam very carefully.
On the way he passed many other flooded houses. There were people at the windows, looking out very miserable. When they saw the duck
going by with all the parcels on his back, they began to shout exci­tedly to one another.
" See! There's a duck with groceries! Hi, duck! Will you get some for me? Ho there, duck! When next you go to the butcher's buy some chops for me! I say, duck, I'll give you sixpence if you'll go and fetch me some nice fresh fish from the fishmonger's." The duck listened to all the shouts and calls, and a marvellous idea came into his head! He would do all the shopping for the people in the flooded houses! What fun! That would really be hard work, and he would be so pleased to do it! He called out that he would
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