The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Back they floated to the houses and handed in the goods at the windows.
soon be back, and then he floated at top speed to the farmhouse. He tapped on the window, and the doll opened it. She cried out in delight when she saw how well the duck had done the shopping. She lifted in the parcels, and as she took them the duck quacked out to her all the news.
" The houses nearby are all flooded too," he said. " The people want me to go and do their shopping for them. If I go and do it, doll, I shall earn money, and then that policeman can't turn me out! "
" Oh, splendid! " cried the doll. " To-morrow I will come with you., My cold is nearly better. I will ask the people to give me written shopping lists, and then we will go together and buy everything."
So the next day the doll sat on the duck's back, and he swam with her round to all the flooded houses. Everyone handed her a shopping list, and the duck and the doll hurried to the shops to get what was wanted. Then, when the duck's back was quite loaded, back they floated to the houses and handed in the goods at the windows. They were paid sixpence each time they went shopping, and soon the little bag that the doll kept the money in, jingled and clinked as she shopped. What a lot of money they were making!
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